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search engine marketing dubai

search engine marketing dubai

If you're looking to ramp up your marketing activities, need visibility in the digital world for your organization or for your Startup, your search ends here. Our team of experienced and skilled search engine optimization (SEO) Analysts can help you turn your Business to a happening place, with the steady increase in traffic & leads. SEO is an organic methodology unlike Paid Marketing, even if you stop your activities, the results achieved & the incoming enquires wouldn't stop, hence you need not keep investing in SEO all 12 months, rather can invest wisely & enjoy long term and contact success.

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What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

As the name states, the process of optimizing a website for Search Engines, With Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. being our homepages, we start our day with searches, we search to find what we need, with phrases like, Buy Arabic food Dubai, we don't even take the time to search like "where can I buy Arabic food in Dubai", the former are key phrases often called as keywords, as a consumer you search this way, Now as a business owner with a website, the main purpose of having a website is to get enquires, in the real world you get customers by direct visits to your store, word of mouth, print media etc., but with the internet, one could easily expand their customer territory via SEO.

Why Does Your Business Need SEO?

Any Business's Lifeline is cash flow, in other words, new orders, new customers, we'll all know by Marketing we can take care of it, but the reality is everyone knows one can't market 24/7 365 days, moreover when one advertise, it's a small window of time & place where an AD could reach the target audience, with lots of research & consumer behavior understanding, an Entrepreneur could run an effective campaign keeping all of these in mind, But, well there is a catch, Marketing effectiveness is directly proportional to the Costs, be it Media, Online text/image ADs, but the fact is none can keeping pouring oil continuously to an ever-thirsty machine, Would it be great to have a customer as your brand ambassador to keep telling good things about your Service & Brand, but he/she can't reach everyone, there are time & physical limitations, moreover when your potential customers look out for services you provide, how can you make sure your Brand to be there all time permanently without spending tons on marketing, wouldn't be great if there is a way possible, this is why you need Search Engine Optimization, in simple words SEO makes your Brand & Service to be on the face of the potential customer when he/she searches for your services at any time, practically 24/7 365 days at their convenience. SEO enables your brand to be ranked top in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. thereby making your customers storm to you more effective than Marketing as they reach you via reviews, word of mouth in the Digital Medium, Forums, Social Media etc.