The popularity of mobile application has increased in the last few years and RIBS Technologies is best hybrid app development company in Dubai build apps with aggressive and innovative UI design. With time, more and more number of user avail the mobile app instead of the conventional websites. There are many of mobile devices which run on varied operating systems. iOS and Android are the popular ones which are followed by Blackberry and Windows. With all the versions that are available for these systems, developing an app for all them is obviously and issue.

RIBS Technologies is here to make things easier for you. We are now the leading Hybrid app development service in Dubai. We use the best practices of the industry to develop the best hybrid app which will help you to generate optimum profit and ROI. Our team of professionals has the expertise to use various development frameworks. The expert and skilled developers keep an eye on the latest tools and technology for offering high-quality hybrid mobile app.

Types of Hybrid Applications

We are top hybrid app development companies in Dubai as best serving record and creative design experts in app development. Our team has worked on several projects for many years and have manages to gather the required knowledge. Nonetheless, choosing the right application for your idea can be a pretty tricky business. Since different kinds of ideas and visions requires us to follow different steps, it is important to decide on the right app. In short, mobile applications are actually of three types.

Native Application

A Native application is basically an app which is developed with the help of strict coding in the platform’s default language. For example, the native application of iOS will be written in Swift, while on the other hand the native application of Android is written in Java. RIBS Technologies is best hybrid app development service in Dubai.

Web Application

A web application is mainly a mobile version of the site that is running on the browser of your mobile phone. Even though web apps are good in terms of control of database and ease of access, it is not capable of accessing the built-in features of the native app, as well the phone.

Hybird Application

Like the name suggest, an hybrid app is the blend of native and web app. This is actually a web app which is packed and wrapped in the code of the native platform. A hybrid app will also be able to offer high-end processing. We assure the delivery of 100% customized app which will work efficiently across various mobile devices.