Google G suite

Google G Suite

G Suite is Google’s suite of intelligent apps. This was formerly known as Google Apps. We primarily recommend G Suite for clients that are needing email hosting for our business. However, G Suite is much more than just email. It also includes a variety of apps and features that can come in quite handy. In fact, you’re probably already using or are familiar with some of them.

Google G Suite

It comprises Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, and Google+ for communication; Drive for storage; Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Sites for collaboration; and, depending on the plan, an Admin panel and Vault for managing users and the services and the app development platform App Maker.

While these services are free to use for consumers, G Suite adds enterprise features such as custom email addresses at a domain, option for unlimited cloud storage (depending on plan and number of members), additional administrative tools and advanced settings, as well as phone and email support.

The Benefits of G Suite for Your Business.

We use a multitude of different SaaS products to keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes and to improve the productivity of our team. One product that we couldn’t live without is definitely G Suite! We aren’t afraid to come right out and say it’s by far the best email solution on the market right now for your business. Not to mention the other features that it comes with, such as Google Drive storage and tools such as Google Docs and Google Sheets.

Today we’ll dive into the unparalleled benefits of G Suite, why we use it and recommend it to all of our clients, and how it compares to other similar solutions on the market

  • Gmail Business Account Cost
  • Twice the storage of personal Gmail
  • Chat and video options via Google’s Hangouts app
  • No ads like in the free personal version of Gmail
  • Using Google Business Email Offline