Mobile App Development UAE

Mobile App Development UAE

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is the set of people, processes and technology focused on managing mobile devices, wireless networks, and other mobile computing services in a business setting. RIBS makes your entire IT infrastructure as a mobile-enabled organization - from individual software applications to overall management and monitoring. It's not a simple process, yet it promises improved productivity, greater efficiency and more responsive customer interaction. Dimension Data views mobility as a journey that begins with addressing your immediate mobility needs, improving visibility and increasing control. We then help you plot a future course for device management and mobile application usage to meet your business needs. The end point? An environment of connected intelligence - always on, always available resources and information accessed from anywhere, on any device.

RIBS Enterprise Mobility Development Model

  • We create an understanding of how to drive increased employee productivity.
  • Focusses on operating cost savings.
  • Plan a way to increase organizational liveliness in your competitive environment.
  • Ensure you realize all the potential benefits of mobility.

Once your overall strategy and focus for enterprise mobility has been established through our Enterprise Mobility Development Model, we're able to offer you the following related technologies:

If you already have a concept of your future mobile app, UI/UX design is where you start. Feel free to drop us a line: our designers and business analysts will be glad to answer your questions, tell about our successful projects or kick start the creative work on your mobile app right away.

WIRELESS AND MOBILITY - using mobility-enabling platforms such as wireless LANs to improve productivity, enhance collaboration and increase responsiveness

APPLICATION INTEGRATION - ensuring all mobility applications work together smoothly and seamlessly across your infrastructure

MOBILE DEVICE MANAGEMENT - implementing tools to enforce mobility policies, regulate behaviors, contain costs and manage risks across multiple device platforms

SECURE MOBILE ACCESS - accelerating the productivity of your mobile workforce while protecting sensitive data

ENTERPRISE TELECOMS MANAGEMENT - saving time, improving efficiency and optimizing your communications spend by managing all your fixed and mobile network services

SECURITY - ensuring that your infrastructure creates no risk of data loss or compliance violations, regardless of the mobility devices or platforms used

SUSTAINABILITY - creating ways in which your organization can reduce travel, energy and waste by using mobile technology